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Your Innkeepers:
Chad & LaDonna Ramsey
 Sandee Wright 
 Toll-free (888) 525-4218
 or Locally (828) 246-2617
 Maggie Valley, North Carolina


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Year after year...

Our State magazine
lists Timberwolf Creek
The 1st of
11 Perfect Weekends
Ooo flattering! But come see
for yourself just why folks agree,
and why we were selected.

Our State North Carolina Magazine

It's the forest.
It's the tumbling mountain stream.
It's the seclusion in nature's splendor.
It's details and amenities
and little touches of luxury.
It's all you expect,
all you anticipate,
all you dream, and more.
You can reserve
your Perfect Weekend now.



For the Ultimate Weekend:
The Splendid Indulgence Package


"Our State Magazine lists
Timberwolf Creek as lodging
for a perfect weekend
in the mountains."







Your Innkeepers:
Chad & LaDonna Ramsey
Sandee Wright 
Toll-free (888) 525-4218
or Locally (828) 246-2617
Maggie Valley, North Carolina



The two king suites are in the main
building, named The Creek House.
The two queen rooms are in the guest
house, named The Black Bear Cottage in
the Woods.
Click either to see a floor plan.

Or HERE if you'd prefer to rent one of
the houses as a stand-alone vacation rental.



Sleep to the soothing sounds of the tumbling streamTimberwolf Creek in Maggie Valley

Timberwolf Creek Bed & Breakfast



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Sleep to the soothing sounds of the tumbling stream,
and wake to a bountiful candlelit breakfast
served with a view of the little waterfalls
...or discretely delivered to your door...


Video by Tyler Shore,


Timberwolf Creek
Your North Carolina Mountain Bed & Breakfast

In a cool, high mountain valley....

The Creek House

This is the Creek House, which has the Timberwolf Retreat & Curve of the Creek Suites
It's the main building.  Many people think this is more than one building.  Nope!
The whole entire thing is the Creek House.
The two king suites are in the main building, named The Creek House.
Click to see a floor plan.  Click on the floor plan to close it.



This is Black Bear Cottage in the Woods, with the Streamsong & Woodland Rooms.
The Cottage is a very popular stand-alone vacation home, romantic and secluded.
Folks often opt to have breakfast delivered discretely to their door, room-service style.
The two queen rooms are in the guest house, named The Black Bear Cottage in the Woods.
Click to see a floor plan.  Click on the floor plan to close it.


Choose a B&B stay, or a Vacation Cabin rental.


(The queen rooms are in the Cottage, the king suites are in the Creek House...
Curious how?  Click here for floor plans.)


When you visit Timberwolf Creek Bed & Breakfast, you are pampered to pieces, and treated to a divine breakfast served by the stream. Treats appear as if by magic. The elves & faeries keep your room tidy and insure that your towels are always fresh and your bed prepared. Sandee's "Golden Plume" Day Lilies  Private baths with Jacuzzi bathtubs-for-two, fine amenities, posh linens and fat comfy chairs...  Choose a king suite (The Timberwolf Retreat or The Curve of the Creek Suite) or a queen room (The Streamsong or The Woodland Room).  They each have a private deck overlooking the water. 

When you choose a Luxury Vacation Cabin rental instead (elves & faeries and breakfast not included, but can be added, if you wish) your privacy is not disturbed, and your little slice of heaven is yours alone. Select from The Black Bear Cottage in the Woods, or the larger Creek House.  

(The Timberwolf Retreat has a second queen bedroom that can be added to the suite.  That room cannot be rented alone, but is part of the Creek House so the whole-house rental includes three bedrooms, plus a sleeper sofa in the upstairs living room, so it sleeps a total of 8.)

if that's confusing, take a look at the floor plans, or give us a call
 creek house Floor plans    --    black bear cottage in the woods floor plans

Come relax, on the Quiet Side of the Smokies...

USA, all the way!  Mugs (Deneen Pottery -MN), Plates (Maryland China -MD), Linens (Manual Woodworkers & Weavers -NC), Napkin Rings (Silver Seasons Jewelry -VT),  Glassware (Fostoria -OH),  Flatware (Oneida -NY), Breakfast (local farmers!), Water (mountain springwater!), Great Night's Sleep (Smoky Mountains -NC)


Ok, I should stop there, but I  just can't... Are those mugs just gorgeous, or what?  The potters at Deneen worked extensively with us to design the absolute perfect medallion.  They created a stamp for the medallions.  Each mug is hand-thrown, and the medallion is applied at the same time as the handle.  I chose the cinnamon-white overglaze because it's reminiscent of a wolf pelt.  So, I just absolutely love the look.  Larry, however, is more pragmatic - he appreciates the wide handle that will accommodate his hand, a generous size for his coffee and a heft that will keep it warm, a dripless edge and a flat base that sits nicely on his cup-warmer.  Anyway... you can probably tell I'm excited about these babies.