Creekside Ambiance - each room
has a private deck by the stream


We've organized the gallery
by seasons, because this
area changes so significantly
from season to season.
Activities change from winter
skiing to summer whitewater
rafting... from horseback
riding in the autumn splendor,
to spring hikes in the national
park, discovering the earliest
spring wildflowers. And the view
certainly changes with the advent
of each new season.

These photographs were taken
right here at Timberwolf Creek.
All of them. The only exception
you'll find are two pictures on
the Fall page, which are taken
from a distance, but they are
pictures *OF* Timberwolf Creek.
Larry's particularly proud of
those. :)

The idea was to make sure you'd
have a genuine idea of what your
vacation getaway would be like,
regardless of when you choose to
travel here... And maybe, to give
you inspiration to return, in yet
another Season in the Smokies.



"Our return visit was even
more special than the first -
and it was wonderful"
--Locust Dale, VA


"We look forward to coming
back for all our anniversaries!"
--Burlington, NC



Your Innkeepers:
Larry & Sandee Wright 
Toll-free (888) 525-4218
or Locally (828) 246-2617
Maggie Valley, North Carolina






The two king suites are in the main
building, named The Creek House.
The two queen rooms are in the guest
house, named The Black Bear Cottage in
the Woods.
Click either to see a floor plan.

Or HERE if you'd prefer to rent one of
the houses as a stand-alone vacation rental.




The pictures were taken by MWHL (My Wonderful Husband, Larry) and as such, are all Copyright Timberwolf Creek.

Photo Albums  

Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter




Video:  Spring comes to Timberwolf Creek
The creek is running nice and full, this beautiful March afternoon...



Video:  Daybreak by the creek, after a misty morning rain
Take a minute and a half and allow Mother Nature to restore you! 


Video:  Morning in May


Video:  Snow!  in Brigadoon Cove, our outdoor wedding chapel
Hey, we're famous!  The Weather Channel aired this video.  We didn't know anything about it - they didn't ask us - I just started getting emails and phone calls from folks all over the place saying they enjoyed it.  The attribution was just Sandee Wright, Maggie Valley NC.  Too bad they didn't say it was at Timberwolf Creek!  But it is really beautiful.  You'll see why they wanted it so much.




     LILY du Jour

I love lilies.  All kinds of lilies.  You'll find literally hundreds of lilies here at Timberwolf Creek because it's some crazy addiction.  :) 

     Day lilies, oriental lilies, calla lilies, asiatic lilies, trumpet lilies, tiger lilies, turk's cap lilies, if it's a lily, I want it. 

     Here's the queen of the orientals: Casa Blanca -and it bloomed for me today!

     I'm embarrassed to tell you that I just got lazy and poked these last few bulbs into a pot outside the door.  These determined beauties are now over four feet tall and the elegant 9" blooms are fabulous, deliciously scented.  Amazing!



Oh my, oh my!  There are SO MANY LILIES today, I can't possibly choose just one! 
Larry made this lovely collage for me.  Click below to see the enormous version.  :)



So, you've seen inside each room on the Rooms & Cabins page - now come tour the property.
Everything changes dramatically, depending on the time of year you visit, so we offer you a taste
of every season. 


The creek in dappled sunlight... and yes, I was having fun playing with the logo...


I am unable to resist!  You'll find the seasonal photos below, but these were taken this weekend by Larry with the new Nikon D90 and I really wanted to share them with you.  First is taken from the gazebo entrance to the Curve of the Creek Suite.  Next is the little garden, blooming its heart out!  And finally, the one that just rocks my world:  Larry stepped right outside the back door just after the rain and snapped this, one step from the door.  Folks, this is your back yard!  (worth scrolling)






By the Season...

Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter



The earth awakens, renewed
Daffodils and dogwood trees
Cool spring afternoons in the mountains


Nature in Abundance - Flowers *everywhere*
Whitewater and Horseback
Summer Theater & Bluegrass Music


Oh, the Glory of Autumn!
The bluest skies and colors ablaze
Scenery to take your breath away

Winter's serenity blankets the world
Snow Skiing and Tubing & Winter hikes
Quiet nights in front of the fireplace



For the most recent...

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From the Air...     

     Check out our Helicopter Tour!





What's in Bloom?

Wondering what's in bloom on the nearby Blue Ridge Parkway?
Timberwolf Creek is very similar to what you'll find there, and we have the same
sort of wildflowers and pristine mountain stream environment, so the same bloom
times apply to both places.  Click Here for the schedule