Why yes, this is indeed the stream
as it passes by your room...



"Mountains have a dreamy way
of folding up a noisy day
in quiet covers, cool and gray"


"A secluded paradise. The
stream right under our balcony
drowned out any outside noise
and completed the
sense of escape."

--Dallas, TX


"Most Romantic Hideaway"
says Inn Traveler Magazine
in the
Book of Lists Awards


"Back for our second trip to
Maggie Valley, North Carolina. 
Best night's sleep since
our first visit with you!"
--Charlotte, NC


This wonderful old
secretary has been
passed down in my family
for generations.
If you know where to look,
these desks hide secret chambers.
A few of my Nana's old
papers still hide there!



The picture on the right,
intended to illustrate the scope
of your balcony view,
is one of my very favorites.
This delightful wedding couple
-she in a beautiful gown,
and he in his Marine dress uniform-
celebrated their wedding with us.

The water wheel was built
as the result of a dare!
The man who built this house,
Colonel Glen "Pug" Pugmire,
convinced the local 'shop' teacher
to design and build a water wheel,
as a school project!
The teacher made it a contest,
and the winner built the wheel.

The footbridge leads from parking,
across to the Creek House. 
(We were standing on the bridge
to take that wedding photo.)
When you cross
the wooden footbridge,
over the little waterfalls,
you'll be amazed just how
true the saying is,
"Stress is Water Soluble!"


Your Innkeepers:
Chad & LaDonna Ramsey
Sandee Wright
Toll-free (888) 525-4218
or Locally (828) 246-2617
Maggie Valley, North Carolina



The two king suites are in the main
building, named The Creek House.
The two queen rooms are in the guest
house, named The Black Bear Cottage in
the Woods.
Click either to see a floor plan.

Or HERE if you'd prefer to rent one of
the houses as a stand-alone vacation rental.




The Timberwolf Retreat


This suite has a second bedroom option (see below).

Recapture the pastoral charm and breathtaking beauty of the 18th Century Scottish Highlands, as The Retreat, like Brigadoon, emerges from the mountain mists to envelop you and your sweetheart in another world - a world of quiet repose and luxurious comfort, far removed from all the world. High in the lofty branches of soaring ancient forest, The Retreat beckons...

The Retreat is our upper-level accommodation, with the highest mountain view --and the gazebo balcony overlooks the stream, too!

Spacious and inviting, this suite is the last word in comfort. The ceilings in The Retreat are vaulted tongue and groove red oak, supported by huge cherry crossbeams. An oversized room, it has a king-sized white scrollwork bed, with an enormous 5' headboard. A sitting area and gazebo balcony overlook the cascading stream with its little wooden bridge and waterwheel. Across the country lane, cows or horses graze in the high-country pasture.  Beyond that, the beautiful Great Smoky Mountains frame the view. 

In the sitting area, you'll find an armoire with Roku TV/DVD --the television is a generous 31"-- and big comfy chairs to sink into, and a pretty rug. Your bed is made a beautiful pieced quilt, piled with pillows, made with a triple-sheeted synthetic down comforter and fine linens.


Oversized Jacuzzi bath is under vaulted oak ceilings, and a skylight!

The Retreat features a palatial bath, including a large Jacuzzi-for-two whirlpool tub complete with a skylight over it! (Separate shower also.) Enjoy boutique soaps, bath salts, candlelight, thirsty towels and waffle-weave bathrobes. Lots of pretty touches in the Retreat add to the ambiance...

A beautiful Howard Altman print, an antique secretary that once belonged to Sandra's grandmother, an old steamer trunk - what a marvelous luggage rack! A transformed sewing table now serves as extra counter space.

CDs add music for the perfect night, and a guest fridge for cool drinks and stashing your take-aways.  Perfect for your honeymoon, anniversary, a memorable "I'd marry you all over again" vacation, or   - well you get the picture... It's special.


Traveling with friends or family?

Add a second bedroom!

($65/single, or $75/double)

Queen bed, French doors open onto balcony,
Shares the upstairs gazebo and the bath with the Timberwolf Retreat.
(Sorry, not available as a stand-alone reservation.  Children over 14.)

To add this room, make your reservation for 1 or 2 guests in the Timberwolf Retreat.
You'll be able to reserve the second bedroom on the "additional items" page.


And in addition to the mountain view, your balcony gazebo overlooks the stream,
the wooden footbridge, and the waterwheel.

Alone on the upper level. Entirely separate from lower level suite.
Vaulted oak ceilings with massive redwood crossbeams in entire suite.
Big Fat Comfy chairs.
Balcony view of the stream and mountainside beyond.
Like being in a tree house... at Cloud Level.
The Timberwolf Retreat.  Indulge Yourself. 

Check Availability/Reserve Now.



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