Creekside Ambiance - each room
has a private deck by the stream

All rooms
have private baths,
featuring Jacuzzi-for-two bathtubs
and showers. 


Luxurious linens and fine amenities
are standard fare in all rooms. 


Each also has a private outdoor
venue accessed via French doors
from the room, to enjoy the
cascading creek and the fresh
mountain air - a delightful way
to begin and end your day!


Squirrel Figurine from the Woodland Room at Maggie Valley's Timberwolf Creek Bed and Breakfast

"It's amazing to me
when I open my eyes.
Such beauty.
Such peace
as I sit by the stream,
and the rest of life
melts around me.

Thank you so much for making
this such a special stay.  
We enjoyed our time here, and
the charm and the atmosphere. 
All we hoped for - and more!

--Mount Pleasant, SC



Your Innkeepers:
Sandee Wright 
Toll-free (888) 525-4218
or Locally (828) 246-2617
Maggie Valley, North Carolina






The two king suites are in the main
building, named The Creek House.
The two queen rooms are in the guest
house, named The Black Bear Cottage in
the Woods.
Click either to see a floor plan.

Or HERE if you'd prefer to rent one of
the houses as a stand-alone vacation rental.




The pictures were taken by MWHL (My Wonderful Husband, Larry) and as such, are all Copyright Timberwolf Creek.


Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter


Springtime in the Smokies

And the world turns green



    The legend has it -and this is where I used to yawn and roll my eyes- that the fellow who founded this valley hiked to the top of the highest mountain (that would be Waterrock Knob) to choose the place where he would settle.  According to that legend, he picked the most beautiful valley.  Well, I thought, isn't that a sweet story...

    And then one day, I myself hiked to the top of Waterrock Knob.  Now, that trail winds around the mountain, and you're presented with breathtaking view after breathtaking view as the trail makes its circular ascent.  It was a crystal clear day in early spring, and the trees were just barely starting to leaf out, giving everything just a hint of green.  Then I came around a bend and saw it.

    All along I've known that Maggie Valley was in a protected little cove, totally surrounded by a ring of mountains and insulated from the harsher weather 'outside'.  But I was unprepared for the result:  Below me was a perfect, beautiful little emerald green valley, nestled deep in the cleft of the mountains.

    Awestruck, I froze in place.  Then I began to pick out details, identifying marks, finding the familiar points of Maggie Valley.  There was the Ghost Town chair lift.  That would be Sheepback Mountain.  Look, there's Aunt Bettie's house, and that's where the creeks cross on the way up to our place.  Folks hiking past me were amused at my excited, "Look!  Look!  I  live there!"

I don't question the legend any more.


Savanah Debutante - one of Sandee's favorite lilies

Spring, as the earth reawakens! 

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